Supreme good is like water. Water greatly benefits all things, without conflict. It flows through places that people loathe. Thereby it is close to the Way.




The origin of Amrit believe it or not started from the very day household kitchen. Originally Amrit started more as a product which was coaxed into the market due to public demands.


Needless to say a lot of things is easier said then done. Initial successful trial tests have been done and many clinical cases logged on cases that could not be saved. So from a mixed passion to pursue better responses to healing and medical treatment, a new product was evidently coaxed into the market.


Initially Amrit was marketed using a water based formulation. However today it has grown to encompass many different bases. Currently Amrit group of products is classified not as a nutritional supplement but specialized food. The proper terminology would be nutraceutical.


The Company


The initial treatment regimes have undergone a metamorphosis and is under the management of Amrit Tech at the moment. Amrit Tech was a company established way back in the year 2007. It is a research based company primarily which also overseas the manufacturing and marketing now of its registered products. Naturally being low budget the progress was slow and gradual. Currently Amrit had been marketed both in Malaysia and overseas.




The Owner


Amrit is owned by Dr. B.H. Tan. An academician and clinician who nurtured a new method and approach to medical treatment. His passion for life had pushed him to bring medical treatment to a whole new level.